Around April 2011 the Phoenix (Arizona) police department undertook a six month undercover sting operation.

For half a year, they planted video cameras and tried to get evidence of wrongdoing.

Operation Goddess Temple made around 17 arrests in September 2011 and issued warrants for a total of thirty three friends and practitioners of the Phoenix and Arizona Temples.

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Key point sugggestions:

  • The ethic of religious tolerance suggests that the practices of a religion, within its premises are nobody's business.
  • Even a very sexy Tantra Temple attracts a very different demographic from conventional sex work. Customers for prostitution do not enjoy Tantra.
  • Choosing Tanja Diamond, who advertises "Tantra 4 Business and Bedroom" as a tantra expert for the prosecution indicates a complete lack of research.
  • Operation Goddess Temple took 6 months. If it takes a six month operation to gather sufficient evidence to make arrests … this was obviously no knock-shop.
  • Maricopa County Attorney, Bill Montgommery would not get this kind of publicity easily, any other way.
  • Paying a Tantrika for a session is not buying sex. If sex happens, it has not been "contracted for" and is a matter of privacy and dignity for those involved.
  • A Tantra Temple can be said to be a brothel in exactly the same way that a Christian Church can be said to be a shebeen that forces youngsters to consume alcohol.
  • Giving police officers fancy video recording gear to sneak into the sexiest place in town is as immature as the actions of Stifflers in the American Pie movies.
  • Defiling a place where others, with ways different from your own do their thing in privacy is a crime against religious tolerance, whatever excuse is manufactured..

Sw. Rahasya 17 September 2011


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