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Daka Stephen


Stephen is a Tantra teacher, social entrepreneur and website geek based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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As a facilitator and speaker on awareness and self-realisation, working with individuals, couples and groups, Stephen uses the spiritual teachings and practices of Tantra to catalyse practical experiences in life. His special interest within this is the acknowledgement, integration and natural expression of sexuality, and how this connects to ideas of love and relationship.
He is engaged with the formation of various initiatives on the theme of sexuality:

- Living Tantra, on the first Thursday evening of each month, is a monthly group for anyone interested in an ongoing practice of Tantra, providing support, sharing and practice of basic Tantra exercises.

- The Breakfast Thing, on the second Thursday morning of each month, is a monthly informal gathering intended as a fluid conversation space to openly discuss relevant topics around sexuality.

- Movie Night*, on the third Thursday evening of each month, is a monthly movie screening and dialogue intended to challenge and provoke discussion on different areas of sexuality and its expression.

- EroticSpirit is a support and on-line community that stands in support of a positive sexual expression as an inherent part of our human nature. As a collaborative initiative, it's purpose is to connect those seeking experiential knowledge and awareness of their sexuality to the practical resources available for this exploration.

- SexDialogue is a meeting and conversation 'conference' for individuals who find personal expression of their sexuality in different interest groups and communities. It is an opportunity to meet others with an interest in sexuality from these diverse areas, and to share, experience and manifest a future where a healthy integration of sexuality is embraced, honoured and celebrated with the fullness of our potential as human beings.

Stephen completed the Harlequin experience under Chistopher Neville's direction as a foundation towards developing self-awareness and personal-power. This was followed by two years in counselling training with Yahuda Tagar of Persephone Institute, based on Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophical approach to personal development. He presently forms part of the Advait Tantra School under the experienced guidance of colleague Dakini Shakti, and studies Lojong Tibetan Buddhist teachings and practices through Shambhala International.





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