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Daka Simon Tzu


"I especially enjoy working with couples and am able to bring a lot of healing into the male/female relationship within each partner and the partnership"


Simon was the first child born to an Osho sannyasin. His mother was initiated while pregnant in 1972.

Simon began his own path in earnest in 1996, a path which has led through Ritual Magick, Advaita, Medicine Plants and finally to Tantra.

Tantra feels like home for Simon - an embrace of both Zorba and Buddha. Simon's formal tantra training has been through Osho, the Advait Tantra School and the Sedona Temple.

Simon works with couples, women and men. Sessions include sexual healing, processing, meditation, mind-training, and other awakening technologies.

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Simon is currently travelling and teaching in the USA

A comment from a recent session:

Simon Tzu is a force of nature. The Sacred Sexual Healing work that he shared with my wife and me has enriched our marriage beyond anything that I could have ever imagined.

From my experience, his compassion, strength and wisdom created a very safe place where I could honestly meet and feel wounds that I have tried unsuccessfully to bury or meditate away.

Because of his open Heart and awakened Consciousness, Grace was invited into our bed and into our daily lives in a very powerful way. And now we have the tools to continue this healing process in Awareness and in Love. I am so grateful.



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