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Rahasya started his exploration of tantra and related teachings in 1983. Most of his practical training was from Osho’s community of tantra teachers.

From 2002, since his own completion of the path, he has been teaching tantra. His primary work is to guide a few exceptional women to their flowering as Dakinis truly worthy of the title.

He also teaches groups and workshops, intensive retreats and individuals and couples sessions.

Author of The Rocky Horror Tantra Book.


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Teaching work:

Consultation Sessions

Answering your questions and questioning your answers about your spiritual, relationship and sexual concerns from a tantric perspective. The intent is to bring truth and clarity to things, not an adjustment to comfort.

For women, men and couples.

Touch work

Helping women to feel sensation directly and honestly, just as it is. The techniques used are intimate, sensual and usually involve nudity.

Touch work evokes the associations of the subconscious mind and confronts them with the truth of the body, bringing them to awareness.


Erotic work

Plato said: Eros leads us to Gnosis. Following the thread of eroticism makes the subconscious roots available to the conscious mind.

Working with your erotic impulse as a guide, we explore this territory with sensitivity and intelligence.

This erotic work for women is very personal, and involves whatever the eroticism indicates. Sessions may include nudity, touch and strong sensations.


Consultation on skype $60/hour

To book or to inquire, please email rahasya@tantraschool.co.za





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