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Dakini Natasha

About Natasha

"Natasha is pure Wolf Dakini from Siberia. She teaches the essence of being alive by teaching simplicity in flow and response to what is. Natasha is also a talented artist - tapping into the original prototype of the artist as Shaman and Healer. She is a tremendous healer and powerful awakener - working with her has been a huge challenge and deep joy. " ~ Simon Tzu


I work of deep subtle energetic levels to bring conscious awareness to what is blocking the flow of vital energy in your being and to awaken you to your true nature.

I work with the body, heart and the mind to create more opening for freeing the energy flow within your being, so you can embrace life more fully with happiness. Tap into the natural resources of self-love, grounding and connecting with everything.

I listen closely to help you to explore your greatest joy and embrace your deepest fears. I use a lot of body work, breath work and active meditation in my sessions.

Working with men, women and couples.

Website: wingsandroots.org
+27 71 346 0866
skype ~ natashasiberia
natasha at tantraschool co za email dakini natasha


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