The African Tantra Safari
November 2011

Explore the deep truths of love and sexuality.
elight in the beauty and luxury of South Africa

The Advait Tantra School, in association with travel professionals
African Welcome Safaris and AfricanStay invite you to a Tantra Safari in Africa.

The safari ends in Cape Town, just before the start of
the International Sexuality and Consciousness Conference

Day 1

From Johannesburg International, fly to PE airport, and by road to Lalibela Game Reserve

Day 2+3

Morning game drives in this Big 5 Reserve with full board accomodation.

Tantra group work with Wendy and Rahasya in the afternoons.

Evenings of African drumming and dance.

Throughout, both teachers are available for individual and couples sessions work.


sabi sabi photos
Lalibela Game Reserve



Day 4

After a morning game drive and breakfast, a drive via Bloukrans and the world's highest (optional!) bungee jump to Knysna, South Africa's beautiful Oyster town.

Overnight at the Knysna Log Inn (bed + breakfast)

Day 5

Travel South Africa's Garden route to Cape Town's magnificent Ambassador Hotel (bed + breakfast)

Day 6

End, and optional:
Cape Winelands tour



About Tantra

Tantra embraces the body and the power of sexual energy as a doorway to awareness. In our times, the ancient mysteries of Tantra are becoming available to seekers who are ready for a path of total integration.

The Retreat

A deep immersion into the mysteries of Tantra, supported by the guidance of two experienced Tantrikas.

Come celebrate your devotion and surrender to the truth/ existence/ the Tao/ the divine in all of us.

We will take you by the hand on a journey of uncovering and moving through the projections, associations, fantasies and fears that keep you from accessing the spiritual power of your sexuality.

Central themes of the retreat are:

  • Accessing and using your own erotic impulses
  • Releasing blocked emotions and sensations
  • Learning to let love flow
  • Refining the language of touch
  • Moving and circulating sexual energy
  • Practical meditation techniques
  • Deepening the heart's capacity to feel

For beginners, this is a supportive and encouraging introduction to tantric experience.
For more experienced tantrikas, it is an opportunity to discover the totality of authentic tantric practice.




The Facilitators

started his exploration of tantra and related teachings in 1983. Most of his practical training was from Osho’s community of tantra teachers. He s been teaching since 2002 and has supported many seekers on the Tantric Path.

So far, he has guided five Dakinis into the fullness of their respective teachings and continues the work with several others.

Although Rahasya's path was supported by his Masters and Dakinis, his teaching is rooted in his own experience and understanding of tantra.

Dakini Wendy, one of Rahasya’s first students, has been teaching for several years and is a guide and muse to her beloved students.

Based in Johannesburg, she enjoys traveling and has presented and facilitated many groups and workshops. She has guided and facilitated a tour of tantric pilgrimage sites in India for


The Advait Tantra School

The school was founded in 2004 by Rahasya when some of his first students were ready to start teaching in their own right.

Currently, The school presents a comprehensive range of tantric and complementary teachings and has a permanent presence in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa’s major cities.


Tantra Safari:

Lalibela Game Reserve
Arrive: 26 November 2010
Depart: 29 November 2010

Knysna Log Inn
Arrive: 29 November 2010
Depart: 30 November 2010

Ambassador Hotel
Arrive: 30November 2010
Depart: 1 December 2010


Contact and bookings:

For a comprehensive itinerary, more information about the teachers, the tantra group and to book, contact:


More about:

Lalibela   •   Knysna Log Inn   •     Ambassador Hotel  •   Tantra sessions    
  •   African Welcome Safaris   •   The Advait Tantra School   

Our partners – The travel professionals that will be taking care of us all:

So that you and your teachers can concentrate on the tantric work, all travel arrangements are managed by travel professionals of excellent reputation. They belong to the relevant insurance and industry associations and are experienced in managing Special Interest tours.


Feedback from previous retreats:

“I'm battling to find words to describe (my experience of the retreat). It certainly was one of the most amazing experiences I've had in a long time. The main reason is I broke through so many of my limiting beliefs. I feel as a result so liberated… The tenderness, gentleness, acceptance, openness and purity of our sharing made it so exquisite and safe for me to explore territories I never knew existed. As a result I feel I have a more intimate connection to the Divine and my heart has opened to loving at greater depths.”

“My mind has been opened to new possibilities. I was so blissfully blessed, and wish to continue on this journey with Tantra.”

“It was a divine and blissful sharing of simple love energy and I’m hugely grateful for the journey of the weekend and for every individual who was there that contributed in many and varied ways to make it what it was. It was a deliciously blissful time and I hope to see you all again on the next one!”

“I can’t tell you how wonderful, blissful and full of energy I feel (after the retreat). I can’t remember when last I felt like this. I am so happy without blockages, I feel like a butterfly in the air. There is a sensation on my skin… it feels like I can move mountains.”

On making love after the retreat: “I found myself making love slowly and just ‘allowing’ sensation and sensuality to gradually saturate my body. Once saturated; waves and ripples of blissful lightness-energy moving throughout my entire body; Smaller ripples riding upon bigger waves; Bigger waves being interspersed with calm blissful silence, then resuming again and again; going on an on; never seems to exhaust itself or getting tired of blessing me; making me giggle like a little girl and laugh like a boy riding the rollercoaster for the first time.”



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