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Retreats, workshops and groups


A variety of workshops and groups happen regularly in Cape Town by teachers of the school and visiting teachers of related arts and practices. Announcements are posted on the school Facebook group.

Retreats happen mainly at Little Tibet, an awesomely remote and private venue on a mountain near Cape Town, South Africa.

This intensive residential retreat explores archetypal understandings, core meditations, source secrets and exercises of tantra.

This work is intended primarily to support the development of teachers and practitioners of tantra. 

Exercises and methods used are drawn from your teachers' personal experience with a huge range of ancient and modern techniques, and are guided from the overview they have of their own paths and the paths of others they have guided.

It is the exploration of the heights AND the depths that provides perspective. Some exercises are very unbounded. Possibilities of extreme levels of participation arise … but you will not be motivated or enthused to participate and you will not be encouraged to motivate yourself, but to explore at your own pace, be it cautions, chaotic or crazy, in your personal scale of these things. 

If that statement does not need clarification, please skip the bullet points ahead …

Techniques/agendas sometimes used in experiential group work such as: 
• creating peer pressure dynamics (tribal bonding work).
• teaching "boundaries" as being good, then reframing them as "blocks".
• temporary-relief (constrained release) techniques to bypass strong emotions.
• shaming, forced confrontation
• awards, symbols, privileges
• ritualised/required respect/devotion
• group acknowledgement: applause, praise
• sales training and sales motivation techniques
• Imaginal exercises, visualisations, replacing reality with idealised stories)
• affirmations

… though useful in their appropriate context … are inappropriate for work at this level of maturity, and will not be used in any form or variation. We have no interest in encouraging participation beyond (or to challenge) your authentic willingness and conscious self-regulation.

Some exercises require particular attitudes. You should avoid this retreat entirely if you find the following statement uncomfortable:

"The supremacy of the feminine in Tantra" 
(a.k.a. Dakini's Rule. a.k.a linear/masculine choices in Tantra are guided by the overview/feminine.)

Previous experience (e.g. groups, touch work, retreats, sessions, personal intensives) with this school is strongly advised.

Retreats are announced at our Facebook events page.




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