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the rocky horror tantra book

The Rocky Horror Tantra Book

Tantra is the roughest, rockiest and unquestionably the most horrible of spiritual paths.

It is not a journey for the faint-hearted, the weak-minded or the emotionally troubled. It presents serious difficulties even to the heroic.

It is as harsh as the Truths of Life themselves.

Just reading about it though, is probably not all that dangerous …



Sexual Awakening For Women Tantric Workbook

Sexual Awakening for Women:
A Tantric Workbook

… is an initiation into the deep mysteries of female sexuality. It is a journey within; an opening to embodied bliss from the inside out which ripples through the body as a deep relaxation and an ecstatic aliveness.

Sexual Awakening for Women:
is a handbook that is used by women, either on their own or in a group.

Working through the book takes women on an experiential journey to awaken the flow of kundalini that connects
sexual and heart energy, allowing women to taste again, and deeply enjoy, the bliss of female sexual energy.

Shakti believes that female sexual energy is a gateway to
spiritual awakening. It is the feminine, though her receptivity, that can lead the masculine into the unknown … the mystery … that which is beyond the ego-mind.

Lalla The Buddha

Lalla the Buddha is a sexual-spiritual journey into truth.

Dakini Shima takes us on an adventure through India on a quest to unravel the ultimate beauty and truth of life.

She offers profound and intimate insight on a journey into sex, love and beyond through the spiritual-sexual practices of Tantra.

Lalla the Buddha is a guide into your true nature where all self doubt disappears as you turn and meet yourself in fierce love.

Simply watch and listen and enjoy.




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