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The Advait Tantra School is rooted (in fact, as it arises, not by any insistence) in an archetype of Tantra: The non-monastic mystery school or mystic order. It is a communality of individuated teachers and their students, each teaching from their own personal capacity and understanding.

Yoginis and yogis become Dakinis and dakas more through processes of apprenticeship and individual exploration than by absorption of data and the acknowledgement of degrees.
Some of our finest practitioners choose to be 'untitled'.

The school is guided fluidly and responsively by its Dakinis and is dedicated to supporting the arising of overt, conscious feminine power and the development of elegance in its use. The Advait Tantra School has been supporting the progress of students of the tantric persuasion since 2002, has produced several significant teachers, and engages with key therapists and trainers worldwide to support greater understanding and better practice around sexual issues in the culture.



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